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Voulez-vous vendre une propriété?
Want to sell a property?

Process of Selling a property in Quebec

1. Choose to do business with a real estate broker: Your broker takes care of everything, from putting up the sign to accepting the purchase offer, including marketing and visits. In addition to posting your home on their website, your broker will also post it on exclusive real estate brokerage sites, other specialize sites, and all social media channels.

2. Fill in and sign "The Declarations by the seller of the immovable": by laying your cards on the table with this form, you minimize the risk of legal action down the road while allowing the prospective buyer to make an informed decision based on detailed information about the state of your property.

3. Show your home to its best advantage: Do a deep clean, declutter each room, repair visible defects or, put a fresh coat of paint on faded walls, all help your home to be attractive to potential buyers.

4. Receive a promise to purchase: When your home is priced well and is marketed effectively, you can expect to receive a promise to purchase quickly. This contract document will be used by any potential buyer who wants to make you an offer. 

Your broker will assess the impact of the conditions contained in each promise to purchase, will help you examine the information they contain and manage the various deadlines associated with them.

5. Manage counter-proposals: If the promise to purchase offer does not meet what you are asking for, you can issue a counter-proposal with a few adjustments, such as a different price. In turn, the buyer can use a counter-proposal form to respond to your counter-proposal, and so on.

6. Hand over your property: Once the promise to purchase or the counter-proposal has been accepted and all the conditions have been fulfilled, the next step is to make the transaction official by signing the deed of sale before a notary. That’s it, your house is sold. Congratulations!


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